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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Rampager's Privateer Hat of Vampirism64 Masterwork Armor, Helm
Ravaging Magician Legs of the Pack27 Masterwork Armor, Leggings
Strong Acolyte Boots45 Fine Armor, Boots
Sunstone Lump35 Fine UpgradeComponent, Gem
Mighty Iron Pistol19 Fine Weapon, Pistol
Strong Iron Shield of Accuracy46 Rare Weapon, Shield
Strong Steam Speargun49 Fine Weapon, Speargun
Rampager's Soft Wood Longbow of Perception80 Rare Weapon, LongBow
Cavalier's Aureate Rinblade80 Rare Weapon, Sword
Magi's Aureate Mace80 Rare Weapon, Mace

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