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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Ravaging Magician Coat39 Fine Armor, Coat
Shaman's Cabalist Boots74 Fine Armor, Boots
Honed Reinforced Scale Pauldrons of the Pack40 Masterwork Armor, Shoulders
Vigorous Scale Gauntlets25 Fine Armor, Gloves
Mending Shiverpeak Warhorn31 Fine Weapon, Warhorn
Horn of the Rogue Bull80 Exotic Weapon, Warhorn
Rampager's Soft Wood Staff of the Geomancer80 Masterwork Weapon, Staff
Tiny Watchwork Box0 Basic Container, Default
Rabid Pearl Bludgeoner80 Exotic Weapon, Mace
Assassin's Darksteel Mace65 Masterwork Weapon, Mace

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