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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Rejuvenating Student Mantle30 Fine Armor, Shoulders
Cleric's Krait Shooter80 Rare Weapon, Rifle
Minor Rune of the Elementalist0 Masterwork UpgradeComponent, Rune
Rampager's Iron Pistol of Grawl Slaying76 Exotic Weapon, Pistol
Strong Soft Wood Focus59 Fine Weapon, Focus
Strong Soft Wood Torch46 Fine Weapon, Torch
Berserker's Soft Wood Staff71 Fine Weapon, Staff
Eternal Ice80 Exotic Trinket, Accessory
Dire Banded Greaves of the Afflicted80 Rare Armor, Boots
Dire Krytan Short Bow76 Fine Weapon, ShortBow

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