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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Ravaging Reinforced Scale Gauntlets of Infiltration53 Masterwork Armor, Gloves
Strong Apprentice Band50 Basic Armor, Helm
Satchel of Strong Acolyte Armor0 Masterwork Container, Default
Carnelian Gold Earring45 Fine Trinket, Accessory
Healing Green Wood Staff20 Masterwork Weapon, Staff
Charcoal Dye0 Rare Consumable, Unlock
Strong Greatsword32 Basic Weapon, Greatsword
Giver's Green Inscription15 Fine CraftingMaterial
Sunstone Gold Amulet50 Masterwork Trinket, Amulet
Dire Aureate Virge of Energy74 Rare Weapon, Scepter

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