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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Rampager's Banded Greaves of the Pack62 Rare Armor, Boots
Ravaging Swindler Gloves54 Fine Armor, Gloves
Mini Ice Elemental0 Masterwork MiniPet
Cleric's Iron Pistol of Chilling80 Rare Weapon, Pistol
Ravaging Glyphic Handblade31 Fine Weapon, Dagger
Ravaging Glyphic Longbow21 Fine Weapon, LongBow
Ravaging Glyphic Longblade41 Fine Weapon, Greatsword
Carrion Glyphic Handblade80 Fine Weapon, Dagger
Scepter80 Masterwork Weapon, Scepter
Magi's Exalted Boots80 Exotic Armor, Boots

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