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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Carrion Privateer Gloves77 Fine Armor, Gloves
Strong Rawhide Leggings58 Basic Armor, Leggings
Recipe: Feast of Rare Veggie Pizzas80 Masterwork Consumable, Unlock
Rejuvenating Outlaw Gloves35 Masterwork Armor, Gloves
Bowl of Fire Meat Chili80 Fine Consumable, Food
Cleric's Primordus Staff80 Exotic Weapon, Staff
Mending Shiverpeak Staff41 Fine Weapon, Staff
Rampager's Iron Rifle of Accuracy63 Exotic Weapon, Rifle
Candy Corn Gold Amulet50 Rare Trinket, Amulet
Shaman's Pearl Brazier80 Exotic Weapon, Torch

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