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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Strong Privateer Shoulders of Strength50 Masterwork Armor, Shoulders
Carrion Privateer Gloves of Infiltration79 Masterwork Armor, Gloves
Honed Splint Legs50 Masterwork Armor, Leggings
Valkyrie Elder Wood Warhorn80 Masterwork Weapon, Warhorn
Shaman's Shiverpeak Maul80 Fine Weapon, Hammer
Shaman's Norn Trident of Energy74 Rare Weapon, Trident
Mighty Rifle4 Basic Weapon, Rifle
Cavalier's Conjurer Mask80 Rare Armor, Helm
Hunter's Leather Gloves40 Fine Armor, Gloves
Dire Orrian Trident of Energy74 Rare Weapon, Trident

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