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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Strong Cabalist Coat of the Lich44 Masterwork Armor, Coat
Honed Swindler Gloves53 Fine Armor, Gloves
Strong Rawhide Bracers40 Basic Armor, Gloves
Carrion Tempered Scale Chestplate55 Fine Armor, Coat
Valkyrie Pearl Rod80 Exotic Weapon, Scepter
Berserker's Krait Wand80 Rare Weapon, Scepter
Vigorous Soft Wood Short Bow35 Masterwork Weapon, ShortBow
Berserker's Soft Wood Warhorn of Ogre Slaying80 Masterwork Weapon, Warhorn
Ravaging Glyphic Longbow46 Fine Weapon, LongBow
Dire Orrian Mace of Accuracy78 Exotic Weapon, Mace

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