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Icon Name Level Rarity Type
Shaman's Reinforced Scale Boots80 Fine Armor, Boots
Precise Studded Pants17 Fine Armor, Leggings
Malign Worn Chain Legs14 Fine Armor, Leggings
Berserker's Chainmail Gauntlets68 Basic Armor, Gloves
Berserker's Apprentice Pants80 Basic Armor, Leggings
Emerald Platinum Ring55 Fine Trinket, Ring
Knight's Hard Wood Longbow65 Masterwork Weapon, LongBow
Mending Norn Warhammer of Ogre Slaying46 Rare Weapon, Hammer
Berserker's Iron Mace of Fire65 Exotic Weapon, Mace
Ravaging Glyphic Handblade56 Fine Weapon, Dagger

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